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Four ring birthstone set in Sterling Silver with your choice of gemstones
Blue Topaz, Amethyst and Garnet Rings in Sterling Silver
Three rings in Green Agate, White Topaz and Moonstone in Sterling Silver
Birthstone rings featuring Lab Ruby, Lab Sapphire and Peridot in Sterling Silver
3mm Gemstone Birthstone rings in Sterling Silver with Lab Ruby. Citrine and Turquoise
Birthstone rings in Garnet, Amethyst and Blue Topaz in Sterling SIlver
Birthstone rings with a 5mm Gemstone in Sterling Silver with White Topaz, Green Agate and Moonstone
rings featuring birtstones in Lab Ruby, Lab Sapphire and Peridot in Sterling Silver
Birthstone Ring Trio with three rings - Citrine, Turquoise and Lab Opal in Sterling Silver

Create your own Birthstone Set - Four Birthstones

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Create your own Four Gemstone Birthstone set by selecting the rings you need from the drop-down menus.

Make your own truly personal set using the birthstones of your family's birthdates.

January - Garnet (Deep Red)

February - Amethyst (Purple)

March - Cloudy Aquamarine (pale aqua)

April - White Topaz (Clear)

May - Green Agate (Emerald Green)

June - Moonstone (Opaque White)

July - Lab Ruby (Pinky Red)

August - Peridot (mossy green)

September - Lab Sapphire (Blue)

October - Lab Opal ( sparkly white)

November - Citrine (Yellow)

December - Turquoise (Turquoise)