Open to orders - Coronovirus // Covid-19 update

Coronovirus // Covid-19 update

What weird and scary times we are in right now.

I just wanted to update and let you know that my shop remains open as long as I am able to ship your items. As things are changing rapidly, my aim is to try and complete orders as quickly as I can, so that if the situation changes it is easier to deal with! What this means for you is that I may be temporarily removing items from my shop that take longer to make, or that the supplies are bought in to order. This should only affect a few things but if you don't see what you want to buy, send me a message and I can advise. It also means a lower wait time for all items as you will be receiving your jewellery in a few days rather than my usual 7-10 days.

Although it's believed that the virus doesn't survive long on surfaces, I am still taking extra precautions.  Extra care will be taken to keep your item clean and sanitized throughout manufacture and packaging and to help Royal Mail implement their no-contact policy I am also shipping everything in my letterbox size boxes so that they can be safely delivered through your door with no interaction with your Postie.

In the event that the UK (or I) need to isolate I will contact you to see if you wish to either cancel your order or delay it until safe for manufacture to resume. I am very lucky to work from home and to have a postbox nearby on a very quiet walkway which avoids human contact so that I can maintain social distancing too.

Each and every order is so important right now - Please take a browse and bookmark things you may want to buy later. You can view my full range here: maramjewellery shop

Your custom and support throughout this fast moving crisis is very much appreciated  x

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