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A round up of all the changes I'm making to maram jewellery to be as sustainable and eco friendly as I can.


My jewellery is supplied either in a small tin or jewellery box

Tins: Paper/Tissue lining using recycled materials. Tin is intended to be reused by the customer as a container for holding jewellery on the go (eg when you remove it at work, swimming, gym etc) or as a holder for small items. Tins are aluminium, a metal that can be recycled over and  over with less energy than other metals so when it is no longer useful, add it to your metal recycling with your other tins.

Boxes: Made from Eco friendly paper and card. Currently have foam inners that can't be recycled but once current stock is used I will move over to a new eco friendly alternative.

Pillow Boxes - Recycled Card & Tissue 


ALL parts are recyclable with some made from recycled materials, including the paper tape. All compostable except paper post label that can be put in household paper recycling.

I use Royal Mail to ship, the lowest reported carbon footprint per parcel delivery in the UK. You can find out more here:


Most of my metal is 100% eco friendly and recycled. I save all scrap metal to return to be melted down and reused again.

Gemstones: I strive to choose the best quality, sustainable and ethical gems as I can and use suppliers who can provide traceability and transparency to their procedures and gems. My preferred suppliers source stones from workshops and factories they have visited, and have confidence those employed are treated fairly. If in doubt, I don't purchase so you may sometimes see gems out of stock. 
You may see that I now work with a growing range of man made stones such as Cubic Zirconia and Lab Gemstones. These are kinder to the environment as they are not mined from the ground and are generally easier to trace through the manufacture process too.


A jewellers studio is full of chemicals and tools and can be a messy and hazardous place. I've always chosen the eco friendliest choice as my workshop is at home and needs to be safe! Most of my chemicals have been replaced with more environmentally friendly choices- always happy to discuss, and if you are a fellow jeweller feel free to get in touch so we can share ideas - always so much for me to learn!

My polish is eco friendly and vegan, and I use cotton mops rather than leather to clean and polish my work.

Scrap metal is saved and recycled. 


I periodically review my materials, sources and suppliers to ensure materials are provided as ethically as possible. I do not purchase any supplies or gems from known conflict areas, this is constantly reviewed and updated as necessary.