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- Sizing -


I use UK sizing which is letters from A-Z. I can also make to US and European sizes - just drop me a line beforehand or leave a note on your order to request.

I'ts best to resize your finger each time you purchase a ring - finger size can change with age as well as a host of other factors - best take a few moments to check before purchase. Because of this, I offer the option to purchase a sizer beforehand to ensure a perfect fit. 

If you do not know your ring size, the best way to find it accurately are:

1) Get a local jeweller to measure you.

2) Purchase a low cost ring sizer from me here.

I find that other methods such as string/ fabric measure tapes/ sizing apps are not as accurate as the methods above so please take time to measure first to avoid disappointment.


Resizes are free if you have purchased a sizer from me in advance. If you haven't I can resize your ring for a small fee if it doesn't fit when you receive it. The fee covers my time and return shipping, usually by tracked mail.

Timescales for resizes vary - sizing up by one size can be done easily but any larger increases and all decreases mean you ring is remade from scratch.


 I use 16", 18" and 20" chains as my standarn length.

16" is usually collar length

18" is the most common size and is a good allrounder, it's the best size to pick if you are buying jewellery as a gift.

20" is perfect for statement pendants

Again, always wise to check a necklace length will suit - this time string is perfect as will reflect the movement of the chain.


Bracelets are supplied as a 7.5ch overall length. You can make them longer by adding an extension chain - this is detailed in all bracelet listings.