- Sizing -


I use UK sizing which is letters from A-Z. I can also make to US and European sizes - just drop me a line beforehand or leave a note on your order to request.

It's best to resize your finger each time you purchase a ring - finger size can change with age as well as a host of other factors - best take a few moments to check before purchase. Because of this, I offer the option to have a sizer sent for free beforehand to ensure a perfect fit - just select the 'Send a Sizer' option from the size drop down. 

If you do not know your ring size, the best way to find it accurately are:
1) Get a local jeweller to measure you.
2) Purchase a low cost ring sizer from me here. Ring sizers are FREE if you purchase one as an option at the same time as your ring.

I find that other methods such as string/ fabric measure tapes/ sizing apps are not as accurate as the methods above so please take time to measure first to avoid disappointment. 


. Resizes are free if you have purchased a sizer from me in advance. If you haven't I can resize your ring for a small fee if it doesn't fit when you receive it. The fee covers my time and return shipping, usually by tracked mail. Full details of my resize service is here
Timescales for resizes vary - sizing up by one size can be done easily but any larger increases and all decreases mean you ring is remade from scratch.


 I use 16", 18" and 20" chains as my standard length.

  • 16" is usually collar length
  • 18" is the most common size and is a good allrounder, it's the best size to pick if you are buying jewellery as a gift.
  • 20" is perfect for statement pendants

Again, always wise to check a necklace length will suit - this time string is perfect as will reflect the movement of the chain.


How to measure:
Bangle size is worked out by the size of your hand, not your wrist.
Tighten your hand as if you are putting on a bangle and measure the widest part of your hand near the knuckles. The best way to do this is to make your thumb touch your little finger while squeezing your other fingers together. Measure around your hand to get the circumference then choose a bangle that is bigger than that measurement. Always roundup for bangle size as forcing them over a larger hand will mean that they may end up out of shape.


Bracelets are supplied as a 7.5ch overall length. You can make them longer by adding an extension chain - this is detailed in all bracelet listings.