Five Easy Ring Sizing Tips for Buying Rings Online

Help! I need to know my Ring Size!

It's probably the one thing that's putting you off ordering a ring online - whether you'll get the size right or not. It may also be confusing... I'm asking what letter size you need but you only have a number. What does it all mean??!

As a jeweller who makes hundreds of rings each year, here are my Top Five Tips to get the size right.


1: Figure out what ring scale you need:

Shopping for rings from a high street jeweller, fashion fine jewellers, Etsy or other indie jewellers may all use different scales which can be confusing, but once you know what to look for it becomes easier. I'd always recommend measuring in the scale the jeweller uses wherever possible, but most are able to use any size supplied.

In short...

SIzes in letters are UK Sizes
Sizes in low numbers are usually US sizes
Sizes in higher numbers are European sizes

So a size like L or P is UK, Size 7 or 8 is US and 48 or 52 is European.

2: Order a Ring Sizer from me!

I sell ring sizers for a all the different scales in my store.

If you're ordering from me, I can send a sizer for free for any ring order placed on my website - that way, you get to check your size and make sure it fits first time, and if you order a sizer from me and your ring doesn't fit, then any resize will be free of charge, so it's a smart decision to take a minute to check! 

You can buy a UK sizer from my store here:

and sizers in European and US scales here

UK ring sizer to help you work out your ring size for ordering rings online. Supplied by maram jewellery and shipped from Scotland.


3: Measure your ring size a few times over a day or two.

Be aware fingers can swell and shrink so I recommend measuring a few times to make sure the size is right. Hot water, hot or cold weather, gym, swimming, and health can all make a difference and again it's better to check and check again rather than make a costly mistake. If it's a difference of a size then making it up to the smaller or a half size in between may work, but if there's a bigger gap, be prepared to take your rings off if your fingers swell. I can also supply a smaller plain band 'stopper' ring in the smaller of the two sizes to wear on top to secure the rings in place- then that one can be removed if they feel tight. Never ever leave a ring on if your fingers swell. remove it as soon as you notice - fingers swell quickly and having a ring on will make it worse in seconds! It's also important to make sure you can get the sizer over your knuckle too.

4: Alternatively, visit a jeweller to check you size.

If you're not confident using the sizers or feel that you need in person advice, the next step is getting measured at a jewellers. It's a quick process and will be accurate but remember that if your fingers swell etc the measurement may not take this into account. Even though I'm an online seller, I can't stress enough how important your business is to small independent shops, so please support them if they measure you by recommending their services or making a purchase!

5: Get a size by measuring an existing ring

How do I measure a ring I already have?
Just measure the diameter - place it on a ruler and measure the insde measurement in mm. Top tip: rotate the ring a quarter turn and measure again just in case it's bent a little out of shape and is actually a little oval. You can use your good old high school maths skills and work out its circumference using Pi, but you can also check out which will do all the hard stuff for you.



Frequently Asked Questions...

I have a size from Pandora, can you make a ring the same size?
Yes! Pandora, and other High Street jewellers like Swarovski use the European Size system so it's not a problem.

How reliable are the plastic sizers?
Quite honestly, they are amazing at getting it right! I trust them so much that I offer a free resize on my rings if they get it wrong - an offer that has never really been needed. The UK sizers are calibrated to the Wheatsheaf sizing method, which is the industry standard in the UK

Can you help me convert my size to a UK size?
Yes! I'll let you in on a secret - there's a great ring conversion site called that will do it for you.

Can I guess a size based on someone's height, weight or size?
This gets asked so much more often than you think. Nope, and trying will get you into trouble with the recipient! Ring size has so many other factors that guessing is almost impossible (unless you are unbelievably skilled!).

I hope this has helped demystify ring sizing, it's reasonably straightforward with the right tools. If you want to ask me a sizing question, feel free to get in touch, or leave a comment. And don't foget to check out my Ring Collection too!

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