It’s almost July…time for Ruby.

I can’t believe how quickly June has passed. It’s been a month of many milestones and celebrations, a very busy month that has left me thankful that the school summer break is here and we can work to a slightly slower routine!

So July is almost here, and it’s the month of Rubies, one of my favourite birthstones!

I’m sharing some of the sets I’ve made that show of the range of Rubies that I use. Of course, there is many more so it’s worth checking out my Facebook page or my Etsy shop to see more!

This set features a facet cut stone, matched with the birthstones for May, October and December. I love using the facet cut version but it’s the trickiest one to source, so if you see it in my online shops, order it quick!

Birthstone set featuring Ruby, Pink Tourmaline, Turquoise and Emerald

Next up is a triple Ruby set, one large 5mm stone alongside two 3mm stones. This set has two plain bands added so that the wearer has options on how to wear them. As you can see, the focal stone is a normal cabochon: dome shaped, but flat on it’s surface.

Triple Ruby Birthstone Ring set

And my last set shows two Rubies along with a Turquoise and a Sapphire. There’s a slight colour variation between the two rubies- I don’t often get two that ‘match’ unless I specifically ask for it, but I prefer them this way as it shows they are natural stones, not mass produced and identical.

Birthstone set featuring Turquoise, Sapphire and two Rubies

I love making these sets and seeing all the different combinations, knowing how special they are going to be for the person who will wear them. If you want to commission your own, the very best way is to send me a message via my Etsy shop or contact me via email at

Next month’s birthstone is Peridot, and I’ll be sharing some ringsets featuring August’s birthstone same time next month.

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