June = Moonstone and Pearl

June is here and time to shine a spotlight on June's Birthstones - Moonstone and Pearl. Pearl is the traditional choice, with Moonstone being its alternative.

I use Moonstone in my birthstone sets as it's the harder wearing of the two choices. Natural Pearls are quite soft and porous leaving them more likely to discolour or be damaged with everyday wear. I do love pearls in earrings though (as they are less likely to be impacted by these natural qualities) and these are long time favourite of mine - my Pearl Hammered Hoops. These come in a Natural Pearl and a Black Pearl and are super light and comfy to wear - a modern classic.

Pearl and Silver earrings with a hammer texture loop



I also have these simple little hoops with pearl - a little bit more modern and popular gifts for my younger customers.


Birthstone Sets

A lot of these sets are surprise gifts so I can't show them as I make them. I haven't been brilliant in the past for taking photos before they are sent - mainly as June is always such a frantic month with the end of term approaching, and holidays to prepare for! This year it's very different, with different pressures so I'm taking a moment to show off some of the customisations that I've done. all with a Moonstone theme.

 This set is an Aquamarine with a smaller Peridot and Moonstone with a Brushed Silver Finish. I love this finish but be aware that it does return to being shiny in time! The natural wear and tear of life buffs the silver back up to a shine, but if you order this finish I have a secret tip to restore the matt finish easily, just a little bit of maintenance is required.

Aquamarine Peridot and Moonstone ring set with a matt finish silver


 This is the Hammered Texture on round bands which looks brilliant! This set has an Amethyst paired with a 4mm Moonstone with a smaller 3mm Sapphire and Ruby. 


 Stacking Ring Set in Sterling Silver with purple, white, red and blue gemstones with a hammer texture band. Handmade by maram jewellery in Scotland

These two are the exact same gemstones but in different sizes - great for comparing how the stone sizes look.  On the left is a 6mm Citrine (Yellow stone) with 5mm Peridot. Moonstone and White Topaz. On the right is the sames stones with a 5mm Citrine with the others being 3mm. Both look great!




All these variations differ in price with the gemstones required, so the best plan is to get in touch and I can give you a personalised quote. I love making the sets special just for you!

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