July Jewellery - Ruby Red for July..

July marks the start of the Summer Holidays here in Scotland and it also means that Rubies are the most popular stone in my order books! I've shared my Ruby makes on a previous blog post but thought I'd give a little update with some more Ruby birthstone sets I've made since I last posted.
Ruby and Turquoise Ring Set
First up is this stunning commission that I recently completed on Etsy. The customer wanted a single ring in the style of my sets - so although this looks like four rings, it's actually one single ring with four stones. This one was a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone - setting a single stone ring is no problem as you just start again if you mess up, but setting four onto one band meant there was no room for mistakes! I'm so glad it worked out and I was able to bring the customers vision to life. 
The customer was keen to add variety to the set so purchased a Geo Band alongside it - all topped off with a Plain Sterling Silver Band to invite it in the set. I love this look!
Next up is a set with Ruby, Amethyst and White Topaz. The problem of marking two February Birthdays was solved by having two different Amethysts in the set - a 4mm facet cut and a light pink Amethyst. The White Topaz for April completes the set.
Birthstone Rings with July Birthstone
If any of these sets have inspired you to create your own set, then take a look at my mix and match collection where you can choose what stones you want and I will make up a set personal to you. There's also a Create your Own option if you find the mix and match options overwhelming! These sets use specific stones and sizes and make the selection so much easier, a great help if you are buying them as a special gift for someone else
Whatever you choose, I can't wait to make them!